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I came back from the con. Nothing special, but I like the atmosphere of the cons...

And it was a great opportunity to meet [ profile] saharaam ♥, [ profile] panna_pierogowa ♥, [ profile] quick_rape ♥ and many more.

I bought new shiny boots for my Oliver. He looked so miserable at the con, hugged by everyone, without wig and pants quickly sewn by my mum (which I love, btw). D:

His boots are looove. <3

3 more Oli photos here )

Anywayyyyyz. I'm freezing. Why is so cold hereeeeee?
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I'm too tired to post it here, so have a link, okaaay? XD


I have to work tonight... and the next night and again... *cries in the corner*
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...then there's your answer. XD

DojiCon 2008
Here I come! You can find me 9-10th August in Kraków, at DojiCon. :D
Tomorrow I'm going to Tova and then the two of us are going to have much fun together at the con!
♥ ♥ ♥

We're gonna sell some stuff here, bookmarks drawn by me and [ profile] saharaam.

Pictures, ahoy! Click on the pic :3 )

They're cheap, so buy them. Or we will starve to death, poor students, I swear! ;___;
And and and I will notify you about the online shop later.


And a little story about the bookmarks.
I printed my bookmarks, and sizes/colors are quite funny. :/ But nevermind, it looks ok XD
I had to cut out and laminate them. I asked my brother for help, and he cut most of the bookmarks with me.
And today I went to laminate.
And in the first store... they wasted like 8 bookmarks. ;___; I had to pay for this too... because the laminating went wrong, foil was too thin and stuff.
So I went to another xero store, and there was this awesome old couple. They laminated everything and Mr Nice Grandpa CUT EVERYTHING OUT for me on special machine. T___________T
And Mrs Nice Grandma kept asking me about the bookmarks, if I made them for kindergarten... XD
I seriously wanted to hug them. D:

End of the story, now I want to die. *exhaustedddd*

PS. I saw a guy in a skirt today. And he had butterfly hairpins...


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