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I haven't written anything in ages and let it stay that way. But since a few of my friends asked me to post it...
Written a long, long, long time ago as a part of a bigger "All day long" MV AU story. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to continue with this - although I must say I'm tempted...

One day we will
ZE:A ff, AU
PG-13, 625 words

'Have you ever wondered... how would it feel to be famous?'

The question seemed so ridiculous to Siwan that he didn't really know how to answer. They were both attending the worst school in the city, their gang... pack... friends, whatever you called them had the worst reputation of all the kids out there and yet sometimes Kwanghee surprised him with the most childish, idealistic questions.

So he just stared at him, blinding sun making him cover his eyes. He knew it wasn't the best idea to skip classes in this heat. At least it was cool inside the school's buildings.

But no, Kwanghee had insisted on going to the river, just because.

'We could start a boyband!' he exclaimed.

'Oh yeah? And what would you sing about?'

'Huh? I don't know. Days of the week. Whatever.'

'You can't sing.'

'Neither do at least half of the singers in our country. It's all about the looks...'

'You don't have it.'

'...and confidence.' Kwanghee finished, ignoring Siwan.

The older boy looked so happy, all lost in his weird dreams of popularity, Siwan didn't really have the heart to tell him all they could start was a fight.

Kwanghee marched alongside the banks of the river, counting on his fingers.

'That weird dude who recently joined us, what's-his-name? Oh right, Heechul. He'd do the rap. We need rap, right. Minwoo's good at dancing, or so I heard. And uhm, somebody should sing too... maybe that tall guy who's always plastered to Kevin? Kevin said the kid can sing. Not that it matters, really. Taehun and Dongjoon could join us too. Well, Dongjoon would have to beg me, actually. He's annoying, you know? And I, of course, would be the face of our band. I'd call it... hmmm... Kwanghee's band?'

'You're so lame' stated Siwan, but not without a hint of affection in his voice. He had this sudden urge to tell Kwanghee he's his lamest best friend he'd ever had but he swallowed it quickly. No way in hell he was going to show Kwanghee he liked him. It'd just make him even more clingy and he was very clingy already. ‘So, you’d be the leader?’

‘Ah, no. You know me. I’m worse than shit at organizing things. Maybe Junyoung?’ Kwanghee wondered aloud, clearly unaware Siwan was mocking him.

‘And we’d still have to call ourselves ‘Kwanghee’s band’?’

‘But of course! I’m the face, after all. We need a decent music video for our debut. Our school would make an awesome set!’
As Kwanghee explained more and more details of their imaginary debut stage, their fanclub (Siwan had to laugh at Kwanghee’s attempts to come up with a fanclub name… his favourite was ‘Kwanghee’s virgins’) all the way to their outfits and photoshoots with famous photographers for even more famous magazines.

‘You’ll make the best Playboy cover in years’ Siwan agreed and Kwanghee shot him a dirty glare.

‘You think this is a joke?’ Taller boy looked offended.

‘Absolutely not. I’m dead serious.’

Finally Kwanghee sat beside Siwan and they both watched as the sun set, making the river look as if it was on fire. Not long after that it was getting darker and Siwan felt Kwanghee put his head on his lap, his eyes closed, small smile still playfully on his lips.

Younger boy brushed the hair out of his friend’s eyes and traced the bruises with his finger. Nasty, bloody bruises on his cheek, just above his eyebrow, under his eye…

‘I really wish we could be famous’ he whispered.

Too bad they were stuck in their lives.

He was sure Kwanghee was asleep, so his heart clutched into a tight knot when he heard Kwanghee’s reply.

‘One day we will, Siwannie. We will.’



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